Upgrade MediaWiki long-term support (LTS)

We are switching to the next generation of MediaWiki LTS (long-term support) version allowing us to offer more speed, more security and new functions.

stoney wiki upgrade

The previous version (LTS 1.31)was supported from June 2018 until September 2021. stoney wiki has been using this version since June 2018, installing the latest bug fix and security updates at monthly intervals. With the end of the support cycle of this version, we are now switching to the next version (LTS 1.35), which is supported until September 2023.

New extension for the authentication

Checking the compatibility of all installed extensions, we found out that we have to switch to another extension for authentication (LDAP). While testing the new extensions, we identified a programme bug - this was already known, but not yet solved. Thereupon we contracted the vendor's developer and together we were able to fix the bug and to share actualized versions of the affected extensions for the LDAP authentication (LDAPAuthentication2, PluggableAuth).

What are the changes for the users?

The login process changes with the next generation version. With the previous version it was possible to select any entry under "domain" when logging in - now the correct domain must already be selected from the beginning.

When do we switch?

In the course of October we will adjust the LDAP authentication and in November we will update the MediaWiki installations. We will inform our customers directly when we make adjustments to their stoney wiki.

If you need assistance, you can contact our support.